3 thoughts for the week of September 7, 2009 (summer’s end, web safe colors & the cobbler’s children)


  1. So, this last weekend was Labor Day weekend, and that signals the unofficial End of Summer. But what does that mean exactly? We are refusing to accept it as an end to fun. September is still a wonderful time to enjoy the great outdoors. We will still enjoy the sunshine, we will keep our windows open to the fresh air, and we will not prep for hibernation. What does this time of year mean to you?
  2. Is the Web Safe Palette still relevant? We’ve had a lot of internal debate about the adherence to web safe colors for the key palette of a website. Technically, the web safe colors are only necessary to ensure consistent color viewing with 8-bit monitors. Today, the percentage of internet users with that type of screen is very, very low (in the case of our website <2%). For this reason, many web experts have declared the web safe palette dead. However, many still find value in having a standard “swatch book” to reference. But, if the right color isn’t there, designers can feel pretty confident venturing outside the “safe” zone.Read more on the topic:
  3. The cobbler’s children need their shoes. We have all heard the old expression and it comes up very often in the design, marketing and tech industries (as well as many other service industries). The fact of the matter is that we all get so caught up doing stuff for our clients/customers, that we neglect to do it for ourselves. Now is the time to put the focus on all that you have been putting off. Take a little time to focus on your own business and get it on the right check heading into the last quarter of 2009. Take a tip from another old saying: Practice what you preach.
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