Brewster Productions – Acoustic Nights Poster

Founded in 2007 by Scott McEwen & Jon Dorn, Brewster Productions is a Plymouth based musical production, booking and management company. Since 2007 Brewster productions has put on over 120 shows here in New England.

The story of how 3thought and Brewster Productions connected actually goes back to twitter in 2009. At the time, twitter was relatively new and definitely not as popular as it is today. Seeing as we were all tweeting from the Plymouth area, and both relatively new startups we formed an online connection and after a few tweets back and forth, we agreed to help support each other. Even if that support was just as simple as spreading the word via social channels and putting a link to each other’s website on our own sites. Pretty grassroots stuff.

We really enjoy posters and poster design, and earlier this spring we reached out to Jon about possibly helping with a poster. Jon agreed to let us help, and provided some information for this year’s Acoustic Nights Free Concert Series. As far as aesthetics goes, Jon just said it would be nice to have a red poster. Other than that, we had full creative freedom and this is what we came up with.

Brewster Productions Acoustic Nights Poster

The poster is 11×17 format and all of the graphics are completely hand drawn. If you’d like to hire 3thought to create a poster for your event please drop us a line.

To learn more about Brewster Production’s Acoustic Nights Free Concert Series and all their concerts and services on their website!

Shows start at 6pm on the Hedge House Lawn in Plymouth, MA and are completely FREE.

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