Real Estate Branding

Creative, Consistent Design is Key to Effective Real Estate Marketing

Led by 3thought's head strategist (a former VP of Marketing for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Christie's International, and Coldwell Banker), our team has decades of experience helping local, national, and international real estate firms create marketing and web materials.

We specialize in residential and commercial real estate and can work across print, web, and digital mediums.

Whether you're an independent agent or corporation, starting up, or with decades of experience, we can help you make memorable impressions with buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Branding Examples

Website Design With Real Estate Listing Intregrations

Atlantic Properties Commercial Real Estate Website Redesign and Build Out Integration

Social Graphics

Post Cards

Ellis Realty Mailer

Logo Design

We Specialize In the Creation of:

Print Collateral Materials

  • Branding, logos, graphics, and brand assets
  • Brochures, flyers, files folders, maps, and marketing collateral
  • Business cards, letterhead, and stationary
  • Postcards and direct mail
  • Signage, outdoor, and billboards
  • Vehicle wraps and magnets

Digital, Web, & Social Media Assets

  • Websites with listing integrations
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online ads
  • Social media graphics (including Adobe Spark or Canva templates)

Email Marketing & Promotions

  • Email signatures
  • Email marketing templates
  • Promotional product customization

Ellis Realty Advisors
Branding and Marketing Materials

Ellis Realty Advisors Branding & Marketing Materials

What is a Typical Real Estate Branding Process?

When it comes to deliverables and processes, no two Real Estate companies or projects are the same, so our approach, cost, and deliverables are customized to meet the needs of our customers. With that said, a few steps happen with every project.

Like a market evaluation on a home, competitive analysis is a critical first step for real estate branding.

Understanding where YOU fit in your market is essential to stand out from other local agents. Our team of marketing experts will work with you to determine what makes you different? What is your niche? And, what is the value of working with your organization?

By discovering how buyers and sellers currently feel about you and how you want them to think about you, we'll be able to recommend how to influence your audience with your graphical brand expression and messaging.

The goal is to position your real estate business with the clientele you want to be associated with, and your branding should reinforce and attract the buyers/sellers you want to work with.

After discovering your desired brand positioning, our task is to create key visual elements and voice that aligns your business with your desired audience.

Our job is to create marketing materials that reflect the brand, who you want to be, and how you're different from your competition. A realtor's brand is personal. You and your agents will be working with people making life-changing decisions, and your brand needs to make these buyers and sellers feel confident that you are the right fit for them.

To help you make decisions, we present you with conceptual mock-ups of your new logos, colors, graphics, and fonts so you can see how they'll work in the real world. For real estate particularly, it's crucial to show you how your brand will be represented in signage and appear online. Mock-ups allow you to understand how your logo looks from a distance. Is it legible, is it identifiable, and most importantly, is it memorable?

The execution aspect of our engagement is all about helping you build and fill your marketing toolbox with the "tools" you need to create consistent, effective marketing materials. We adapt our deliverables to match your staff's capabilities, your budget, and your desired outcome.

Your marketing team may only need a style guide with accompanying assets to create all of your new print and digital marketing collateral.

We can also partner with you and act as your marketing team. Real estate websites, signage, print collateral, email marketing, one-off projects, and even long-term strategy are deliverables we can help you create.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Even the most seasoned real estate veterans can have questions when it comes to branding and rebranding their businesses. Here are a few of the most common answers to questions.

Real estate agents are everywhere. So how do you instill confidence in buyers and sellers when they need your services? How do you become (and stay) top of mind? The answer is branding.

Your brand will happen with or without your participation, but actively trying to influence how people feel about you is what we define as branding.

We can't affect your conversations and one-on-one interactions with home buyers and sellers. However, we can help you market your real estate business. Trustworthy, knowledgeable, and professional is how you'll appear when you work with 3thought. Consistency and creativity will help you stay top of mind. That's how we help real estate professionals with branding.

In competitive industries like real estate, branding can be very compelling. When done well, branding builds trust and can create "memorability." So when it comes time for potential customers to choose a realtor, you want to be top of mind.

Consistent brand presentation has also been shown to increase revenue by as much as 33%.

Even if you're affiliated with a real estate company, establishing your personal brand can establish your credibility and help more business. 

Realtors are busy people selling, negotiating, and giving tours. They should be part of the marketing process, but graphic designers, web developers, and marketing professionals should be creating marketing materials.

3thought and its staff have decades of experience helping small independent residential real estate agents, and Kerry, 3thought's marketing strategist, was VP of Marketing for both Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Christie's Int. and Coldwell Banker

Our commercial real estate clients range from local companies to large international corporations like SVN international.

Experience is where many realtors start their search for a marketing partner, but we believe balance is the best quality to look for.

You need consistent and impactful materials, but these marketing materials need to work in practical settings. So it's important to work with an agency like 3thought, which is capable of balancing branding, marketing, and production.

The scope will determine your project costs. Are you starting from scratch, or do you have years of brand equity we're drawing from?
Before starting any project, we'll work with your team to define your project and figure out what is needed. What are your goals? What needs to be created immediately vs. waiting until later?

Every component adds to the project's cost, and we can adapt the scope to meet your budget.

We provide project proposals and estimates so they'll never be surprises.