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The Most Effective Channel for Converting Leads Into Opportunities is Your Website at 31.3%

Websites can be powerful tools for growing a business and often the first touchpoint customers have with your brand. Are you making the best first impression? When created with purpose, your website will act as your 24/7/365 sales team - answering questions, establishing trust, and generating new leads.

Successful websites don't happen by accident. 3thought has decades of experience helping businesses build compelling, memorable, custom websites. How can we help you?

Our Process: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Anyone who has been through a web project will tell you it's not as simple as they thought. If you haven't been through a web development process, it's difficult to know what to expect. There are technical and security challenges, messaging, accessibility, user behavior considerations, and tons of testing. Your website site needs to work and look great on every browser, and device.

We live and breathe this all day every day, so we've become very good at guiding our clients through the entire process. From planning to concept to execution, testing, to follow-up. Our process and decades of experience ensure optimal results.

  • Discovery

    The first step for any web design or development project is a discovery meeting. We start by asking questions so we can learn about your goals, wants, needs, as well as begin to understand your business and its customers. After we have the complete picture, we're able to create a plan for execution and determine things like budgets and timeframes.

  • Concept

    We're designers and developers focused on business solutions, so we have the unique ability to understand and balance form and function with business goals. The concept phase is where the alchemy of creativity, experience, and the expression of purpose come together and your web design/development project begins to literally take shape. 

  • Revise

    Next, we refine our ideas, and to do that we’ll need feedback from you. We’ll provide the solutions, but we’ll look to you for guidance to identify any problems that we hadn’t accounted for. No one knows your business better than you. This is also the time to correct any inaccuracies in content or presentation.

  • Final Execution

    Once a final concept is approved, we begin a full web development phase where your site is built, tested, and refined all with the user's needs, mobile experience, and SEO top of mind. Only after extensive review and approval does your website make its public debut. 

  • Post Launch

    Website projects rarely go away after launch. If you're looking to optimize your site to drive more traffic, test behavior to convert more customers, generate new content, or just stay up to date with the latest security patches and enhancements, we can help.  


Web design and development capabilities

We combine our design and visual expertise with current technologies and best practices to create websites that work. 

Merz Construction

Custom WordPress Website, Web Design & Development, Site Speed Optimization, Migration & Hosting Upgrades, WPEngine

Custom Web Design

3thought can plan, concept, and design a website that is 100% custom to your business and your goals. No trying to fit into a pre-done mold that isn't true to your brand or message. We can create a unique visual presentation that completely represents you and is tailored to meet your needs.

A great-looking website is just 1/100 of that story because users expect sites should look great as well as be fast, safe, easy to navigate, answer all their questions, and give them easy ways to communicate with your business. And you and your staff should be trained to maintain your site and make updates and generate new content. All our web projects are grounded in strategic thinking and built with optimization and performance at their core, and we teach you how to use it, so you're empowered to grow your business online.

Fully custom web development builds are exactly what you want and need, 100% tailored to your audience, your goals, and your brand.

Custom WordPress Website Development

Often we work with companies who already have a strong brand and sometimes an in-house web team. They may love their content but need assistance with a visual, behavior, or functional refresh.

We can work with your team to build, develop, test, and deploy the upgraded web experience you need.

3thought will architect the backend features and functionalities you need within your WordPress site to make maintenance easy and efficient and minimize content and data redundancy. Why manually update the same information on several pages if you don't have to? With a properly configured CMS, you don't have to.

By working with 3thought, you get trusted advisors, not simple code monkeys.

Cape Cod Life Online

Custom WordPress Website, Web Design & Development, Site Speed Optimization, The Events Calendar, WP Ultimate Recipes, Draw Anything, WPEngine


Front-end Development/Styling for Proprietary Content Management Systems

Our team has experience configuring and styling websites in various CMSs and website builder platforms.

Thatcher Technologies LogoOne of our specialties is design and styling support for Prowess by the Thatcher Technology Group. Prowess is the direct selling industry’s most powerful, configurable, and scalable cloud MLM platform.

We've worked with direct sales companies such as Touchstone Crystal, Matilda Jane Clothing, Ruby Ribbon, The Cocoa Exchange, Mojo kitchen, and others to configure their replicated site structure, content, and style everything to their brand standards.

With over a decade of experience, we've become very good at stretching the customization options within the Prowess system. Not only can we help you to understand what is and is not possible, but we can also help you execute.

We Also Specialize in:

Redesign & Reorganizations

Change of look or goals? Website redesigns and reorgs can help businesses evolve their web presence.

Maintenance & Content Updates

Whether to keep things running or increase site traffic, we have plans to help maintain and grow your website.

Optimization (Site Speed & SEO)

Fixing errors/warnings, optimizing load times, and increasing organic web traffic all go hand in hand. 

Migrations & Hosting Upgrades

Need assistance upgrading your hosting to something a little more powerful? We can help. 

Responsive Rebuilds & Redesign

If you have high mobile traffic but a poor mobile experience, it's time to consider a mobile-first web rebuild.

Why hire 3thought to build (or redesign) your website?

We asked our customers why they choose 3thought for their web design and website development needs, and this is what they told us...

  • Value

    "3thought's website design pricing hit the sweet spot between a big agency and a freelancer." "Everyone we worked with was a senior-level employee, so their value goes well beyond the numbers."

  • Holistic Approach

    "Our web presence is just one part of our larger marketing landscape, and 3thought could see that bigger picture. They were able to provide advice and counsel that improved the quality of the end product."

  • Web Design Experience

    "The web is massive. No single person can truly understand and perform every task at an expert level. We relied on 3thought's entire team to provide their expertise and experience throughout the project."

  • Process

    "Despite what some commercials would have you believe, building our website took more than a few clicks. 3thought walked us through every step and when we had questions they had answers and solutions."

  • Driven by Results

    "They asked us what we considered a successful website project? In our excitement for change, we hadn't given much thought to why we were changing. 3thought didn't say yes to everything, they challenged us, and made us think about our decisions. They guided us to our desired outcome."

Website Design Examples