Visual Rebranding Can Change the Perception of Your Business.

Businesses grow, change, and evolve. Who you were when you started, probably isn't who you are today, and not necessarily who you want to be in five years. Change can be difficult, and most businesses have a lot of equity in their existing brand. The good parts of your reputation aren't something to be discarded like old trash.

Visual rebranding can help you capture your brand's value, visualize the direction you're going, and pull all of it together in a cohesive graphics and marketing system - designed to change how customers feel about your business.

What people think about you happens with or without your participation. Stop leaving things to chance and start to influence how people feel about your brand.

Our process: How does this rebranding thing work?

It's important to understand that every customer and project is unique, so we customize our rebranding process and milestones to suit the needs of each. There are still some key phases that every client can expect every time you work with us.

  • Discovery

    When undertaking a rebrand, it becomes even more important to build a clear picture of who you are, where you have been, how you got here, and where you want to go. We learn all about you, your history, your industry, your competition and use that to define our starting point and direction for the remainder of the project. 

  • Concept

    This is the fun part. This is where the alchemy of creativity, experience and the expression of purpose come together. We’ll take our recommendations and ideas and distill them down into visual concepts for your review.

  • Execute and Revise

    We will build out the various brand components we've defined as part of the project scope. And you'll see how all the pieces start to work together. We look to you for input and guidance. No one knows your organization better than you, and now is the time to fix anything that needs fixing. 

  • Deployment!

    Rebrands require a planned and well-orchestrated rollout. We schedule when and how each new element we've developed gets deployed to your team and to the public. The "big reveal" is so exciting!

  • Ongoing Help

    Once your new branding is live, you'll likely have other marketing materials in need of updates. Who better to help than 3thought? Whether it's graphic design or web design and development, our talented team is here to help. 


Rebranding example - Merrill Engineers and Land Surveyors

Custom Web Design, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Stationery, Marketing Collateral, MailChimp Email Templates, Email Signatures, RFP Templates, Signage & more...



Original Merrill Engineering Logo
Logo before rebranding
Merrill Engineering Logo After 3thought Rebranding
Logo after rebranding

Rebranding Highlights:

To bring Merrill Associates into the 21st century, 3thought de-emphasized "associates, inc." and enlarged the word "Merrill" which was already what customers referred to them as. The refined logo was paired with updated typography, a bold color palette, and custom icons and graphics. The use of strong diagonal lines in the logo was incorporated across all of Merril's marketing marketing materials. Because of their rebranding effort, Merrill truly stands apart in their local Engineering market.

With a clearly defined visual identity, Merrill's next challenge was an overhaul 40+ years of print, web and digital marketing materials. Not only did everything have to look consistent and beautiful, it needed to be easily maintained by their in-house marketing team. 3thought provided one-on-one training, design templates and a strong brand guide for Merrill to follow.

Why hire 3thought to for your rebranding project?

We asked our customers why they chose to rebrand with 3thought, and this is what they said...

  • Value

    "We worked directly with senior designers who had decades of brand development and marketing experience, but we weren't paying for giant agency overhead." "With 3thought you get an established company, and not a freelancer, so you know they'll be there for you."

  • Holistic Approach

    "3thought saw the big picture and maximized their value by thinking about our rebrand across all of our marketing channels"

  • Rebranding Experience

    "They bring so much experience to the table, and helped us take the right steps to achieve our goals while avoiding costly mistakes."

  • Process

    "Their team guided us through every step to ensure that our rebrand was exactly what we needed." 

  • Results

    "If creating a consistent vision for how your business represents itself to the world, and working with an agency who cares about marketing and business goals then you need to work with 3thought."

Collage of branding elements: sketches, pantone color swatches, McBride Insurance Business Card, Labor Guild logo guidelines, Labor Guild School of Labor logo, KAF Identity Guidelines Cover, KAF division logos, Phelps Insurance Logo