"A Night to Remember" 2009 Event Materials

A Night to Remember 2009

Invitation side of poster/invite

This is the second time I was given the opportunity to do work for the Kristen Ann Carr Fund’s A Night to Remember. One of the key fundraiser’s for the organization, A Night to Remember needs to not only promote the charity’s program but it must also be an entertaining event to all who attend. The design for the event promotion materials must communicate that this event is a “party” but also relate to the honorees of the event.

Auction Guide Cover

This year, being the 15th anniversary, was honoring the doctor who has been integral to the foundation since its inception. When creating the design, I decided to marry the key symbols of the medical field with a symbol for the event (night = moon). I developed a series of illustrations (stethoscope, clip board, band aid, staff of Asclepius, doctor’s bag, medical cross, and added in hearts to symbolize caring with the hand for help and support, then rounded out the roster with the organizations logo) and arranged them into a single graphic image.

Commemorative T-Shirt

This imagery was adapted to a series of pieces including an invitation, t-shirt, gift bag, auction guide an program book. This project also included the layout of the 84 interior pages of the program book. As this was an Anniversary edition, the event committee wanted to feature the history of the event as well as the legacy of those who have benefited from its work. I developed a series of editorial spreads that featured a graphic timeline of the previous events and educated the attendees about all that the Fund has done and continues to do to benefit its cause.

Sample spread from timeline section of Program Book

Sample spread from editorial section of Program Book


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