Branding 101 for Non-Profits – Part 1: A Definition of Brand


Last week we mentioned the importance of content sharing for your business. This week we have our first of a series of guest posts we’re doing for The Non-Profit Toolbox. The Non-Profit Toolbox is a site created for helping those who help by building a community; collaborating; educating and providing valuable resources.

Below is just an excerpt from the whole article which you can read on their website. Enjoy!

A Definition of a Brand – Part 1

The first thing you need to know is that a brand is not a logo. Nor is it a name, typeface or color. It is not on your business card, part of your website or in your brochure. To understand the value of a brand and how it can make or break your organization, you need to grasp that it is some much bigger and far more intangible than any of those things.

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