Branding 101 – Part 2: Branding Basics

We’ve just published our second guest post on the Non-Profit Toolbox entitled “Branding Basics” as part of our Branding 101 series.

Building a comprehensive brand strategy involves a lot of different moving parts, but we wanted to provide a starting point for non-profit organizations who have never gone through the exercise. We included the very basic elements that are necessary to begin a branding process. The series will continue with more in-depth applications and non-traditional marketing strategies.

Building Blocks of a Brand

In part 1 of our series, we talked about how your brand is defined by the sum total of the emotional response people have to the way you present yourself. Because people have free will and you can’t simply tell them what to think, you need to take advantage of any opportunity you get to influence people’s hearts and minds. The pieces you do have control of are incredibly valuable. These pieces of your branding puzzle run the gamut from fast, cheap and easy, to expensive, time-consuming and complicated.

So, first order of business when branding your non-profit is to put your best foot forward and start with the basics.

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