Devlin S-AFE Program Brochure

Devlin S-AFE Program Brochure Cover for Boston College Life Skills

To engage student athletes with the newly launched Devlin S-AFE Program, the Boston College Life Skills Department turned to 3thought. The task was to create a piece that would stand out from mounds of papers these young athletes receive as part of their collegiate experience. The Life Skills team wanted the piece to feel very personal and have an emotional point of contact, but at the same time, it needed to scream “Open Me.”

Interior Spread, 4 panels total

3thought concepted several potential formats, but settled on this 5.5 x 8.5 in roll fold format because of it’s approachability. The small size instantly creates a sense of intimacy. We added the dramatic die cut cover for the “wow” factor and reinforce the brand of the BC Eagles. The remainder of the interior was imprinted with a warm tone, ¬†paper texture to keep the piece feeling soft and personal.

detail of featured interior panel designThe feature panel of the entire brochure is first panel revealed when the die cut cover is lifted. The Life Skills team felt that his Ghandi quote perfectly summarized the mission of the program and the college. A carefully crafted collage of student athletes participating in community service fills the letters and reinforces the message.

The multitude of participants was juxtaposed with a full bleed photo on the next panel to show that one can make a difference, and further deepening the layers of messaging the brochure delivers.

In the end, this seemingly simple piece is one that both 3thought and the Life Skills team is very proud.

brochure displayed flat, back panels

If you’re a Boston College Student and interested in learning more or getting involved with the Devlin S-AFE Progam, please contact Alison Quandt; Director of the Life Skills Program at Boston College at 617-552-1784.

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