Fresh Meadows Farm Logo

Fresh Meadows Farm Logo

Fresh Meadows Farm approached 3thought in December of 2010. After a few meetings to discuss their growing organic cranberry business (no pun intended), 3thought began the process of creating a logo. Fresh Meadow Farms wanted to position themselves as one of the premier organic cranberry growers in the area and needed a logo that would reflect their heritage and long tradition of growing cranberries.

Initial Fresh Meadows Farm Logo Sketches

3thought presented a handful of concepts all exploring different aspects of an “historic” aesthetic. The circle mark selected with its hand drawn, wood cut look resonated with the team. The logo was refined so every perfectly round or straight edge was bent or chiseled to look even more hand wrought. The secondary colors complete a subdued palette with historic undertones. The type is a mix of Celestial Antique with all caps and all small caps.

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