Giving Birth (a.k.a. launching a website)

Today the 3thought website goes live. It’s been a far more complicated process than it seems. Now, we’ve been involved in a lot of website development projects, but never from this perspective. This is our baby. And I have to think that launching a website has a lot in common having a real baby.

Granted, I have not given birth, and would never over simplify that miracle in any way, but hear me out. I think you’ll see where I’m going with this.

You start the process with the best of intentions. You have this grand vision of what it will be like, start building all these hopes and dreams around it. You see how it embodies all these pieces of yourself. You know the mechanics of what’s involved– everybody else has done it. So you begin. You nurture it doing all that you can to make sure everything goes according to plan. But no matter how diligent you are, there are always those things that you can’t anticipate. You do your best and get through it. Perhaps you adjust some expectations, but you never loose sight of the end goal. You know the day is fast approaching when you will invite the world to take a look. It gets uncomfortable, you get anxious. Of course, it won’t come on your perfect schedule. Oh, no, definitely has one of its own. You push, and you push, and then…….. there it is.

You’re so happy. Slightly anticlimactic, but you’ve done it. Not exactly what you expected, but pretty cool, nonetheless. You want everyone to see it, but scared what they’ll think. Fully functional, but not fully developed– it needs time to grow. It’s an infant full of potential, a great start that will hopefully evolve into what you always dreamed of. 

So, we’re looking forward to seeing how our baby grows and we have high hopes. 

Oh, and one more way launching a website is like giving birth: although you can technically handle it all on your own, it’s usually best if you get the professionals involved early on. 


Best, Shea

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