Matt’s favorite 20 iPhone/iPad apps

iOS app iconsFor those of you who have just stumbled upon this article or attended Tech Day Camp and attended “Matt’s 20 favorite apps for iPhone and iPad”, here’s a list with links to purchase directly from itunes. Enjoy!

  1. Chrome Replace Safari and never look back.
  2. Redlaser How much cheaper can I get this product elsewhere?
  3. Sparrow It’s like mail, but wayyyyy better.
  4. Dropbox No removable storage, no problem.
  5. Waze Social traffic and it’s free? Yes please.
  6. Wunderlist Create, manage and share lists like a boss.
  7. Runkeeper Not just for running anymore.
  8. Square Take money on the go, plus Jack Dorsey makes it.
  9. Instacast Handy dandy podcast aggregator. You’ll be hooked.
  10. Google+ Surprisingly useful for video calls and not too bad for socializing.
  11. Air Display On the go and need a second monitor, look no further.
  12. Flashlight* Just like a flashlight but always in your pocket.
  13. Gas Buddy Never overpay for gas again.
  14. Foursquare Not just for check ins anymore.
  15. AroundMe New to the area and need to locate something?
  16. CardMunch A networkers best new friend.
  17. Google Drive A great way to create and share documents for free!
  18. Fanhattan A cross between TV guide, IMDD and Apple TV/Roku
  19. Flipboard Everything you care about online in one beautiful app.
  20. CardStar You wallet will be 50% thinner.
So what apps did Matt miss? Leave your comments below and tell us what apps you can’t live without!
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