The BreakUp Coach Character Illustration & Logo

Dr. Sasha Carr has encountered many broken hearts in her counseling practice. She has been working on a concept called “the BreakUp Coach” for several years. She wanted to create an online community that was friendly, funny, and most importantly practical for today’s modern woman. When she was ready to really start investing in her online presence, she gave 3thought a call.Dr. Carr knew that she wanted the style of her graphics to be “girly” and playful, and she thought that a character illustration would be a great vehicle for her online persona. So that’s where we started. We explored several illustration styles and tried different elements through a few rounds of revisions.

The final direction had simple lines but lots of fine details that appealed to the client. The character was recognizable small but offered more interest as it was enlarged. Once the character was finalized, we moved into the next phase of design which was centered around creating a logotype with the character that would be the foundation of the BreakUp Coach brand. A simple typeface was chosen for readability at all sizes, but the letters we manually “tweaked” to create playful movement. The ovals were added to anchor the other elements and create a fun, retro vibe. ¬†After the logo was good to go, we used these pieces to create avatars for Twitter and Facebook as well as a new blog (“Notes from BreakUp Land”) header graphic which featured a rework of the character with a feather pen.

The BreakUp Coach has also expanded this identity to her website, featuring a blog, advice column, e-mail coaching and e-cards, all by 3thought. Check it out >

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