The Frosty Dog Logo

The Frosty Dog Logo

The Frosty Dog on Route 58 in Carver is the newest place on the South Shore for ice cream, food, arcade and family fun. Not only do we happen to work above the Frosty Dog, but we take care of all their design and advertising. Our first assignment as with many new business’ is to develop a logo system.¬†Chuck, the owner, already had the name for the business and the idea of using a friendly puppy with sunglasses. From there it was really up to us to develop a kid-friendly, fun logo.

As we were targeting children and families, it seemed logical to create an appealing dog mascot that could support all kinds of collateral and merchandise. We explored a couple different breeds and a rendered them in various cartoon-like styles.

The Frosty Dog Concept Sketch 2The Frosty Dog Concept Sketch 3The Frosty Dog Concept Sketch 4

We presented a few sketches to Chuck, and ultimately, the bulldog spoke to him. The hand-drawn dog was rendered with bold lines and colors, and we refined the typography and composition. The mark works equally well in black & white which will make it very easy to screen print or embroider it on to t-shirts & hats.

We will soon be expanding the identity to a website, but The Frosty Dog is already up on Twitter and Facebook.

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