What’s your visual point of view?

3thought Business Card

Anyone who has been handed a 3thought business card, immediately notices the large hole in it. Most people say, “oh cool”, or “wow, that’s different”. Few actually read the text that’s running around the outside of that hole. And that text read’s, “Helping companies find a visual point of view”.


So what is a visual point of view?

As a business owner, you speak to your audience with every piece of collateral, advertising, online interaction and promotion you create. EVERYTHING you say, do and create is a piece of your brand. Now more than ever it’s important you’re sending the right message, and there’s little room for inconsistent or contradictory messages. Is your message authentic to who you are as an individual or company?

Before 3thought designs, we take the time to understand who you are, and who your audience is. It’s that understanding of your company’s core DNA that let’s us create a visual point of view your audience wants to connect with.

If you’re interesting in learning more about branding and finding your visual point of view, you should join us for breakfast as we discuss: “Building Your Brand in a Digital World”. Presented by the Toolbox, inc.

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