3 thoughts for the week of August 10, 2009 (breathing, trying again & investments)


  1. Breathe. In business–and often life in general–today, so many are afraid that if they stop moving, even for a moment, then it will all come crashing down. This simply isn’t the case. Often, taking a moment to pause, to reflect, to decompress, gives you the perspective and energy necessary to move things forward in the direction they really should be going. It’s summer. On Monday it was 90 degrees. In weather like this, it is especially unhealthy to go about your business without a hefty dose of oxygen.
  2. If at first you don’t succeed, before you try again, stop to figure out what you did wrong.” -Leo Rosten (1908 – )  We posted this quote on our Twitter feed recently, and we think it ties in nicely with our thought about “breathing.” Use a little time to reflect and take a good look at your marketing efforts. Do an audit . If you don’t know why it’s not working, you have little chance of producing new materials that will be effective.
  3. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This is the corollary to #2. Internal sales and marketing teams see their collateral day in and day out, and quickly get bored of it. The inclination is often to cry for a redesign. But this may not always be the best investment. If the messaging and visuals still resonate with your audience and the information is still accurate and relevant, earmarking your budget for a redesign is unnecessary. Save those pennies. And with them, you may want to look for other channels to spread your message to new audiences.Check out these articles about what options may be available to you:
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