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3thoughts on 5 years

April 16th, 2014
3thoughts on 5 years We’ll it’s almost 8pm on a Wednesday night and we’re finally getting a few minutes to sit down and write a blog post to acknowledge/celebrate our 5 year birthday. So yay for us! Here’s a few quick reflections and seriously, we mean quick.
As South Shore people it can be a little tough to meet new people. Let’s face it, these southern ‘burbs aren’t the hub of social interactions. Don’t get us wrong, there’s plenty of great people south of Boston, but definitely not as many opportunities to meet these interesting new folks. Recently, we found a group of local twitter users who decided to get together and hang out at an event called the ...
A good read we found this week is entitled: How to Steal like an Artist (and 9 other things nobody ever told me), by Austin Kleon. There’s some great advice in there about how to live life on your terms. The part that really resonated with us was Austin’s theory about how young artists can be successful.
It’s officially the year 2011 and that means it’s time to look into the 3thought crystal ball and make some predictions about the year to come. So far our attempts at predicting lottery numbers aren’t very good, but our predictions from last year aren’t so bad, and we’ll take a moment to recap our 3 predictions from last year before we dive into this years. Hopefully we’ll ...
We invite you to Clean Out, Take Stock and Keep Updated during this week before we begin 2011. Check out our thoughts on getting your business ready for the New Year.