3 thoughts for the week of August 16, 2010 (business advice from Yoda)

Shea trains with Yoda

This week we are taking a look at a source of great wisdom for our time… Jedi Master Yoda. Now, of course this ranks as one of our nerdiest inspirations yet, but we’re okay with that. Listening to the words of Yoda can provide food for thought for anyone in business today. See what we mean below.

  1. Grave danger you are in. Impatient you are.

    We, as children of the modern age, want everything now – actually yesterday is better. We are always jumping into things; reacting to everything around us at a fevered pitch, rather than taking our time. This is dangerous territory. So many things can be overlooked and never get the attention that they deserve. Breathe. Take a second look. This time is not wasted, in fact, it often saves time later on.

  2. Always in motion is the future.

    Human beings resist change. But despite our best efforts, we are helpless to stop the world from changing around us. We can’t predict that change, and we can’t control it. Our best bet is to be aware of it, open to it and continually adapt to it. Becoming too rigid, too self-assured almost guarantees that something can break you. Learn to bend.

  3. Do or do not… there is no try.

    This is perhaps the most famous piece of advice from the sage that is Yoda. There are no “good effort” awards in world of business. You either accomplish the goal or you don’t. Often you don’t (see thought 2). But you have to believe you can do it. This is the only chance you have of success. Go hard or go home they always say.

Do have a favorite Yoda Quote? How can you apply it to business?

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