3 thoughts for the week of August 17, 2009 (4 months of work, Google yourself & no yes-men)


  1. Well, People, it’s official– 3thought is 4 months old this week! In that time we have been very lucky to have worked with some great people and create a wide variety of work. Here’s how the work has broken out:
    7 Logos
    2 Trade Show Exhibits
    1 Annual Report
    6 Websites
    2 E-vites
    1 Program Book
    4 Brochures
    2 Posters
    4 Flyers
    3 Rack Cards
    5 E-blasts
    4 Webpage Graphics
    1 Newsletter
    3 Information Architecture Docs
  2. Have you Googled yourself/your company lately? It’s an interesting exercise. We’ve talked a lot about building your online presence, but some of your online presence happens with out you. See how your various online profiles rank, and also what other directories may list you. What you find may surprise you.One way to help direct people to the information you want is the create a Google Profile.
    Check out this article on how Google is the new Business Card
  3. Hire people who disagree with you. This idea extends both to employees and vendors. This is not to say to surround yourself with people who are against you, but you should have people who question you without fear of any backlash. Why? If you only have yes-men around you, you will never be challenged. No one will ever push you to be better. You will never see the big picture as the only point of view will be your own. If you stop questioning, you stop growing.Here are some articles that speak to how some healthy discord can lead to greater success:
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