3 thoughts for the week of August 24, 2009 (Goodbye PowerPC, Color Trends & Sonic!?)

RIP PowerPC Tombstone with Shea and Matt eating food from sonic.

  1. R.I.P. PowerPC. For those of you working with Microsoft Operating systems, you probably won’t have any idea what we’re talking about here. But the PowerPC system is the CPU that pushed the Mac into it’s current era. It gave us our first G3s, followed by our beloved G4s and then brought on full worship with the G5s. But back in 2006, Apple stopped making machines with PowerPC and made the switch to current gen Intel chips. With the release of Apple’s new operating system, Snow Leopard, on August 28, the PowerPC will be officially abandoned by both Apple and Adobe. None of the new software editions will work on a machine with older chip architecture. Although we are all super excited about the new toys that will run on our Intel machines, we bow our heads out of respect for the system that brought us so far. Read more on the last days of the PowerPC:
  2. Even though it seems like Summer just started for those of us in the Northeast, Fall is just around the corner. And with the color changes in the foliage, also come the color changes in design. What color trends will we being seeing this fall? Pantone (the color gods) publish a color trend report with the changing fashion season. This year the color selections have been heavily influenced by the economy and the “green” movement. All the colors on the list will resist fading making garments wear longer and consequently a better value.  Download the color trend report from the Pantone website.
  3. Did you hear that Sonic is coming to Massachusetts?! We’re wicked excited. New Englanders have been watching Sonic’s quirky TV commercials for a long time, but never have we tasted a Frozen Oreo Sonic Blast® unless it was while we were far away from home. We yell at the TV “But there aren’t any around here? Why show me something I can’t have?” Why do we care so much? Because a strong national brand and advertising campaign made us care. So before Sonic has flipped it’s first burger in MA, it’s already made a sale– a true demonstration of the power of branding.
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