3 thoughts for the week of December 28, 2009 (looking into the new year)


Since this is the last week of the year and a decade, a lot of people are in a reflecting mood. The name 3thought was chosen to remind people that we look forward and prepare rather than react, so this week’s 3 thoughts are for 2010 and beyond.

  1. First and foremost has to be the impact of the forthcoming Apple Tablet. Yes, there’s been a lot of talking about this lately, but we’re really convinced that this device will be a big deal this year decade. Think iPod in 2001. Expect this tablet device to change the way people use their computers, providing more freedom than even a laptop. This isn’t just a book reader or a smart phone. This will be a serious computer capable of running real programs on the go. And since it will offer an app store similar to the iPhone’s it will probably play Doom right out of the box*. Naysayers claim it will be too expensive, battery life will be an issue and nobody will like the form factor, but the original iPod was thick, held 10gb of songs, cost $499/$599 and had 10 hours of battery life. When you compare it to todays iPods, it doesn’t hold a candle. So, yes naysayers… This might not be perfect from day 1, but every revolutionary device takes some time to evolve. Besides, how is Apple going to get you to crave the next one with the updated specs that will be available in 2011?
  2. Our second thought involves websites we like and think will take off in 2010. The first is www.pearltrees.com. It’s an amazing site from a user interface perspective and a fantastic way to visualize the web as well. By creating “pearls” and “trees” of info and connecting to other users’ accounts, you open yourself up to really explore the internet. It’s kind of a mashup of Stumbleupon and Twitter but done in a visual way. One of our favorite features is the “What’s connected” button. Instantly you find other people with similar interests who’ve taken the time to bookmark sites that interest them. Get out there and dive for some pearls! The second site is www.omgmetoo.com**. For full disclosure, it’s a site co-created and just launched by a colleague, so we’re a little biased. It’s very exciting and full of potential. OMGmetoo takes social networking beyond the computer. It actually helps you become social IRL (in real life). By posting things you’d like to do and assigning times and locations to them, you can find people who have a similar shared interests. Want to see Avatar in 3D with Matt in the Plymouth area? Feel free to sign up and let him know.
  3. Lastly here are a few quick prediction for 3thought in 2010. First is an updated website. OK, not really a prediction considering we’re working on it, but now you all have something to look forward to. We’re looking forward to more repeat projects in the year to come. We think we’ve done a good job at a fair price, and we’ll be hearing from clients who would like that same level of value, fun, creativity and professionalism again. We also think we’ll be hearing from a few voices from the past who are seeking to recconnect. The joke at our Holiday “party” this year was the size of our company. Look for at least 1-2 new personnel by this time next year. Oh, and an office. Matt votes for Boston, but Shea votes for Plymouth. An arm wrestling match should settle that debate though. Lastly, is overall a better year than 2009. If we can make it in that economy, we can make it any. So, raise a glass this New Year’s Eve and toast to a brighter future for all of us in 2010.

* A joke commonly used by the editors of Engadget to determine if a device was any good at playing games in the 2000’s)

**Much to our surprise this site disolved in 2011. We were way off, hahhaha.

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