3 thoughts for the week of June 15, 2009

  1. Matt's New Kitten, Sarafina

    Kittens are an unavoidable, albeit adorable, distraction to completing one’s work. They like to chase cursors on the screen, typing with all fours, and clawing ankles. They also make nice little seat warmers. Congratulations to Matt on his adoption of a new kitten,¬†Sarifina Tippy McMuffin.

  2. Everyone likes to enjoy some relaxation during the summer and, consequently, new marketing efforts seem to get put off for a few months. However, the summer is a great time to start planning out all your fall and winter promotions. Not only will this reduce your stress level through September, October and November, but as design firms are usually slower in the summer, too, you may event get a better price as well as more attentive service.
  3. We would just like to congratulate all the B(oNE) show winners. We found the opening very inspirational last week. We have set a goal to win our own B(oNE) award in 2011, and would like to put the call out to any potential clients with cool project opportunities to drop us a line.
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