3 thoughts for the week of November 30, 2009 (personal touches, spare change & shopping carts)


Going to take a little different approach to the 3 thoughts this week. Now, that is officially the “Holiday Season” (we adhere to a strict no-twinkle-lights-until-after-Thanksgiving policy), and we have been listening to Christmas music for the past several days, spreading the Holiday Spirit has been on our minds. So here are 3 simple ways to spread some of those warm fuzzies around.

  1. The Holiday Card is the traditional way to show someone you are thinking about them at this time of year. These cards are much varied in purpose and design. Some are long, hand-written correspondence to a loved one. Some are obligatory business mailings. Which do you think garners more good will? Now, of course, it would be near impossible to write a personal note on every business holiday card that goes out (probably numbering in the hundreds). But you can add a simple salutation (i.e. “Dear Sally”) to the card when you sign it to let some one know you were thinking about them specifically and their name didn’t accidentally end up on a mailing label. And do try to have an actual human sign them. A small personal touch makes all the difference. And besides we all know that Brush Script is a font and not actual hand writing.
  2. Grab that pile of change off your dresser, or dig it out from the bottom of yourpurse and make it easily accessible it your coat pocket. That way, when you hear that bell or see that kettle, you’ll be ready to give without even breaking stride as you go about your daily errands. It’s a small gift and one we can easily dismiss. But if we all gave just a little, that little grows to a lot and that can make a real difference for so many.
  3. This is perhaps the simplest of all, and can be done all year round to make the world a little better for us all. When you are out shopping at the grocery store, the mall, Target, whatever, and you have finished loading all your holiday goodies into your trunk, simply walk the shopping cart over to the cart corral and park it safely within the rails. Now, just stop right there with the “ahs” and “buts.” Let’s be honest, it really doesn’t take that long. And just think about all the future negativity you are ridding from the world. Think of the happy people parking after you who have a free and clear space. Think of the content car-owners who didn’t get dinged and scratched vehicles. You are making the earth a happier place already. So carts in corrals = world peace. Okay, maybe going too far, but you get the idea.

For other ideas, check out this article: “Easy Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer at Work

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