3 thoughts from Lucas’ Head (modern browsers, file structures, wonders of the universe)

The Many thoughts inside Lucas's Head

This week marks a very important milestone in 3thought history. This week, the week of May 31, 2010, our very first summer intern came on board. His name is Lucas Wojciechowski (don’t worry about pronouncing it, “Lucas” works just fine) and he is a very talented, young web developer. So we wondered, what does go on in the mind of a budding computer genious? Well, we asked, and this is what we got…

  1. HTML5 vs Flash

    Apple’s refusal to include Adobe’s Flash plug-in on the iPad and iPhone has caused quite a ruckus amongst large technology companies. Less publicized, but even more portentous, Google has begun removing Flash from all of its applications (including Youtube). Flash, a plug-in made by Adobe, runs on top of your web browser to provide all kinds of interactive goodies which aren’t possible in the browser itself. At least, thats how it used to be. Nowadays, modern browsers (no, that does NOT include Internet Explorer) have most of those “goodies” built in making Flash largely unnecessary. This is an issue that is going to effect everyone who uses the internet over the next few years. If you’re not yet terrified by the idea of one company having absolute control over a market like this, start reading up on the atrocities Facebook is committing or Apple’s iron grip on the App Store. You can do your part to vote for openness by updating your browser to a new version of Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Opera.

  2. Folders are Passé

    It has been a standard since the inception of computers but the latest devices and software (iPhone/iPad, Google Docs, Chrome OS) are doing away with the concept of “folders” and “files.” As a stickler for organization, I couldn’t be happier. Imagine how liberating it would be to sift through all your information by dates, tags, and keywords. If you want a taste of the future right now, check out Quicksilver (OSX) or Launchy (Windows).

  3. Science is Awesome

    I swear, I’m not crazy. I implore you to check out Radio Lab, a monthly(ish) podcast put out by NPR. Not only does the show tackle fundamental questions of human nature via fascinating stories and interviews but its production values are unmatched. The hosts, Jad and Robert, use the farthest reaches of science and philosophy to explore such questions as:

    • What are the limits of the human mind?
    • Can a computer make a discovery without human guidance?
    • Is language a uniquely human ability? Can we create a language shared between species?
    • Are we born with an understanding of numbers or do we have to learn?

What do you think of Lucas’ thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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