3 thoughts for the week of July 20, 2009

  1. Know your company’s principles. Everyone knows about a company mission and perhaps even a vision statement. But have you ever thought about what your principles are? Was recently reading “Take a Stand for Your Brand” by Tim Williams. He writes the principles are “a set of strongly held values that give you a framework for making business decisions.” He goes on to say “Principles are an articulation of what you will always do and what you will never do.”  Seems kind of important that we should all know what those lines are. What are your company’s principles?
  2. Are you properly networked? There is all this buzz about social media for your business and making sure your company has a fully developed web presence. But what about YOU, the individual? Are you connected to the net? Some people are weary of putting to much personal information out on the internet, and justifiably so. However, you can still position yourself as easily findable in relation to your career without every divulging a bit of personal contact in. Networking sites like Facebook, and especially LinkedIn are designed so that you can have a profile with all your credentials and communicate securely within their environments. Let’s go with a hypothetical: you are no longer with your former employer because maybe they were a casualty of the economic downturn. You worked with a client over a year ago, but they’ve been busy with other projects and haven’t needed your services. Now they do, so they email you at your old company’s address, and it bounces back- address does not exist. But they really like working with you and want to find out where you ended up, so they Google you. Does anything turn up? How many opportunities could you have missed?
  3. And speaking of properly networked, 3thought wanted to send out a big High Five to the local (Plymouth) businesses leveraging social media to promote themselves. We know first hand the time and effort it takes to nurture and grow your presence in the twitterverse and we appreciate your efforts. Great job expanding your brand!

    If you are a Plymouth Business on Twitter or you know of one that is a first-rate tweeter, let us know and we’ll send out in a follow up post.

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