3 thoughts for the week of October 5, 2009 (the Phil, telephone books & signature as ad)


  1. Last weekend, the 3thought crew attended the Opening Night of the Plymouth Philharmonic. The event was casually elegant and fun. We want to thank the Phil for a wonderful evening out on the town in Plymouth. It was wonderful to enjoy this cultural institution that was right outside our door. When’s the last time you appreciated all your local treasures? Maybe it’s time to be a tourist in your hometown. Visit that art museum around the corner, take a tour of that historical site, enjoy the sounds of your local musicians. You might be surprised by what’s been in front of you all along.
  2. The Yellow Pages are dead. Yup, we said it. Don’t get upset, we aren’t the first. This tried and true advertising necessity is now obsolete. Those hefty books are now really only utilized to press flowers or as a booster seat. With consumers turning to the internet (now often available on their phones) for all their directory needs, it’s essential that your business is listed where they are looking. Are you on yellowpages.com? superpages.com? Do you have a Google Business Profile? Go online and make sure you are listed. Most of these profiles are free, so you have no excuse. There are many other directory sites where you can claim a listing as well. Run a search for your industry and your competitors and see what turns up. Directory sites often rank very high in searches because of the volumes of content they contain. Don’t miss these opportunities.
  3. And speaking of other easy advertising opportunities…Are you utilizing your email signature to the best of it’s ability? That’s right, your email signature is an advertisement for your company that goes out with every message you send. Do you list your company’s blog? How about your Twitter feed? Facebook Page? You might even consider adding an “Ask me about our…” to plug a new product or service. It’s a great way to engage and up-sell people who are already familiar with you. A word of caution” don’t get carried away. Overly long signatures are just annoying. And although they can be dressed up with HTML formatting and images, use those sparingly. Once got an email with 12 attachments because of the email footer that was built in. This is overkill. Keep it simple, keep it direct, keep it subtle, but use this direct access to your marketing advantage.
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