3 thoughts for the week of September 14, 2009 (football, serious social media, VMAs)


  1. Are you ready for some football? Here in Patriot’s country, everyone is in full obsession mode. In the marketing world however, the football season signals a different type of blitz- the advertising blitz. Many national companies (see FORD, NIKE ) capitalize on the immensely loyal audience of professional football by buying into every form of sponsorship imaginable. But it is not only deep pockets that can take advantage of football fever. Local business can tap into it as well. With one of our own clients, we are currently developing a series of promotions about how their famous chicken wings are the perfect compliment to football watching experience. How can you position your product to take advantage of the fan frenzy?
  2. Social media is becoming serious business. Everybody is buzzing about Facebook/Twitter/Blogs/AnythingNewMedia. With that in mind, who’s in charge of your brand’s voice online? Major companies are hiring professional tweeters, or if you prefer, Social Media Managers. While you don’t have to go that far, it is important to actually determine who’s responsible for your social media accounts. Further, it is important to establish a “personality” for the online presence that person is building. It’s not only what they are saying, but how. These personas are as important to your businesses brand development as a logo– definitely not something to be handled as an afterthought.
  3. Though we’ve grown up with the MTV generation, it doesn’t play the role in our everyday life that it used to. But once a year, we all have to take a few moments just to check in, and that time is VMA time. Unless you have turned off all computers, cell phones and televisions, you probably know a little bit about them this year as well. The interesting part is not that the VMA’s are news. The interesting part is how people are finding and following this news– Twitter! Matt never turned on the show and got the play by play on his twitter feed. MTV even planned for the twitter experience as part of their overall broadcast with a very unique tweet tracker. If you haven’t already, it’s time to rethink the potential of new media.
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