3 thoughts for the week of April 12, 2010 (Interactive Books, CS5 & Entrepreneurs)

Matt as a wonderland card being controlled by Sari Kitty

  1. This video came our way care of @LuckyKDesign. It shows an illustrated version of the book Alice in Wonderland reinterpreted for the iPad. Not only is it entertaining, it’s artistically gorgeous. If all children’s books were this engaging, maybe kids would read more. But seriously, this is just another example of our different media are becoming one giant omnimedia where we are no longer observers, but participants. We are excited about the evolution. Holodecks anyone?
  2. This week Adobe took some time out of battling with Apple to release CS5. For our non-designer readers, CS5 is the latest edition of Adobe’s Creative Suite Software which includes Illustrator, InDesign and the where-would-we-be-without-it Photoshop. Basically the tools we use every single day to make you look good. Like all new must have toys tools, CS5 comes with a bunch of fun bells and whistles and had twitter all a-buzz. In our opinion, the star of the day seems to have been Puppet Warp which will allow a user to repose objects within an image by setting bend points. Kind of hard to explain, but trust us, it’s really cool. Now we just need to save save save so we can get a couple upgrade copies.
    Check out some of the cooler features on cs5.org:
    Top 5 Features of Popular Adobe CS5 Products
  3. Fast Company recently published an infographic that gives a snap shot of today’s entrepreneur. Looking at the numbers, we are just shy of completely average entrepreneurs. (at least on paper :D)
    • 24% are age 26-30 (and 26% are 31-35)
    • 44% started their business because they saw an opportunity to make something great.
    • 46% are first time business owners
    • 54% are on Macs
    • 52% use iPhones

    The one stat that was a bit of a shock was that 70% are male. Shea wants to know, Ladies, what’s up with that!?
    Check out the original post on Fast Company.

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