3 thoughts for week of April 5, 2010 (why?, e-books & BostonTweetup)

  1. Have you ever listened to the podcast “Marketing Over Coffee”? If you’re interested in marketing, you should definitely check it out, because it’s dang good. Last week we heard a great episode which led us to a website that led us to a TedTalks video (seen below). The subject was “why”, and the guest speaker on the podcast was Simon Sinek . Simon believes that “all the great and inspiring leaders think, act and communicate the exact same way, and it’s the opposite of everyone else.” Inspired by Simon’s great take on how people buy “why” you do, not “what” you do, we thought it would be good to answer the question of “Why” for our company (look for a future blog post with our process and final answer). Can you answer the real why-you-do-what-you-do question?
    If you have 20 minutes this week, check out Simon’s TedTalks video. Let us know what you think!
  2. Tuesday night Matt attended a Bookbuilders of Boston event called “E-books: Evolution or Revolution?” The event had 4 guest speakers with very different backgrounds and jobs in the publishing industry. They all gathered to share their thoughts on e-books, the epub format, e-reader devices, piracy, social media, and how this new digital format is changing the publishing industry. You can check out tweets of the conversation with any RSS reader here or by searching “#g2g” at search.twitter.com. It was an interesting conversation for authors, agents, illustrators, designers, publishers and pretty much anyone who’s interested in electronic books.

    What’s your take on e-books? Are you ready to join the revolution, or are you waiting to see how this all plays out?

  3. This week’s last thought is all about networking. Did you know, there’s a great resource for networking here in the Boston area called BostonTweetUp . It’s a website run by Joselin Mane who calls his site “A place for Boston area Tweetups, Social Media, Networking, Entrepreneurs and Technology Events”. Sounds like our kind of gig, right? At 3thought, we know that networking is essential to generating new business, but it’s also fun to meet new people and exchange ideas. We’ll definitely be attending some more of these events in the weeks and months to come, and you (our loyal reader) will be able to read all about our adventures on our twitter stream.
  4. If you’re interested in going to any of these events with us, drop us a line. For updates on BostonTweetUp events you can follow the @BostonTweetUp or check out their online calendar.  See you around town!

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