3 thoughts on What to Get Your Graphic Designers for the Holidays

Shea and Matt stack gifts that are great for designers

‘Tis the season for giving. So while you are thinking about what to get your hairdresser, mailman and dog walker, please take a moment to remember your friendly neighborhood graphic designer.

Now, we realize that graphic designers are a unique breed and so it may not be easy to figure out exactly what may be an appropriate gift. For that reason, we have collected a few thoughts on the subject.

  1. Caffeine – As with any professional that spends the majority of their work day in front of a computer, graphic designers require a very high intake of caffeine for optimum productivity (well, that and sleep, but they haven’t been able to bottle that yet, so we will stick with caffeine). Now this pep infusion comes in number of forms, the most preferred are Coffee, RedBull and Chocolate. In lieu of actual caffeine delivery devices, Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards and Keurig Brewers are also greatly appreciated.

  2. Inspiration – Graphic Designers are always seeking creative inspiration. Again, we realize that inspiration is not yet available in a vitamin. Inspiration is usually arrived at via a vast consumption of media. We listen to music, play video games, and read – a lot. Although much of that reading is done with blogs (which are free, and cannot be wrapped), there is nothing graphic designers like more than a really great book. We are graphic designers after all – we find magic in paper. Graphic designers can often be found sitting on the floor of Borders pouring over pages freshly lifted from the “Arts & Design” section.

    We’ve collected a few of our favorite publications that have inspired us on our Amazon Store. Check them out if you need some of your own inspiration.

  3. Fonts – Unorthodox yes, but Graphic Designers can never have enough fonts. We collect them, crave them, drool over them. We yearn for the project that will give us an excuse to purchase a new one. Good fonts are not cheap, so to be able to indulge in a fresh font is a special treat. Now, one should never pick out a new typeface for their designer (for this is a very personal decision). One, can however, purchase gift certificates!

Some other ideas on what to get a graphic designer for Christmas include:

  • Food – just about any kind, we’re always hungry
  • Massage Gift Certificates – goes along with the whole sitting at the computer thing again
  • Vacations – preferably somewhere foreign, warm and exotic
  • Anything with the brand name “Apple” – do we have to explain?
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