3thoughts for “Good” Friday 2011

  1. A good read we found this week is entitled: How to Steal like an Artist (and 9 other things nobody ever told me), by Austin Kleon. There’s some great advice in there about how to live life on your terms. The part that really resonated with us was Austin’s theory about how young artists can be successful. He says the key is to “Make good stuff, and put it where people can find it“. This has always been the underlying belief behind our business. When we started, we knew we had experience and we were good at what we do. But as a newly formed company, 3thought had no reputation. So how do you building a reputation? You make good stuff, and then you put it where people can find it. It’s a slow process. It can be frustrating at times because we all want instant gratification. But if you look at the jobs we’re working on today, many come from the reputation we’ve built over the course of our careers, and especially the past 2 years at 3thought.
  2. Last Saturday marked our second birthday. 3thought has been creating good stuff for over two years! If you’re interested in seeing a bunch of this good stuff, we encourage you to check out our portfolio. One bit of caution though… If you only view our portfolio, you’re only seeing one piece of the puzzle. Yes, it’s a very important piece, but to be successful you need to do lots of other things, too. You need to run your business efficiently and not have high overhead. You have to answer the phone when clients call, be responsive, and be accountable. If you say you’re going to do something, you need to make damn well sure you do it. Don’t just do it to get it done, but do it to the best of your ability. To be successful these days, you have to create a website, and a blog, and a facebook page and a twitter page, and go to networking events, and conferences and meetings, and have a product that people want. Listen to your clients. Listen to the consumers. But most of all, you need to love what you do and you must be good at it.
  3. Life is way too short, so make sure you fill your life with good things. Good family, good friends, good work, good food, good music, good books, good design.
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