3thoughts for the week of March 29, 2010 (location based apps, Frozen Four & happy birthday)

  1. Location, location, location”. That’s a phrase that any good real estate agent will tell you when you’re buying property. Today with the skyrocketing use of location based mobile apps, and smart phones, Location, location, location” is a phrase any good marketer should be telling you too. Foursquare (a popular location based app) has over 750,000 users with 22 million check-ins per day. Combine that with the increasing use of smart phones by US citizens. (42% and rising), and the cost of many of these services (absolutely FREE in most cases), and you might have a recipe for the next big thing.

    If it’s free, and more and more people are using location based services, are they finding your business there?

    If the answer is no, get online and setup your profiles. If you’re unsure what you’re doing and need consulting, contact us at 3thought. For a small fee, we’d be happy to help you set things up. We have some great ideas on ways to integrate your marketing with these new apps like Foursquare, Yelp and Gowalla, and we’d love work with you.

  2. If you’re a sports fan, the next few weeks are pretty exciting. Red Sox and Yankees kick off the Major League Baseball season this Sunday. Some of you are “jacked and pumped” a la Pete Caroll for NBA and NHL playoffs to begin, and the rest of you (busted bracket or not) are excited for the Final Four. As a service announcement for sports fans everywhere, we just want to remind you about another great sporting event. The NCAA Frozen Four! With all the excitement this time of year, the Frozen Four can often get overlooked, but it’s really a great event filled with passion, excitement and drama. Sure, 3thought is caught up in the excitement because we’re designing the artwork for the Official Film of the Frozen Four, but we also have some eerie connections to this year’s tournament as well. Boston College is one of our favorite clients, and Matt seems to be the hockey team’s lucky charm. Last time Matt has designed the BC Men’s Hockey team poster, they won the National Championship. Seeing that BC takes on Miami (Ohio) next week, there’s a 1 in 4 chance they’ll do it again. That is unless Shea’s alma mater RIT has anything to do with it. RIT takes on Wisconsin next week in their first Frozen Four appearance. Good luck to all the teams involved!
  3. Oh, and speaking of Shea… Do you know that 31 years ago today (March 31st), her mother gave birth to her? Well, you do now… and if you see Shea out an about this week, or feel like emailing or tweeting her a message, make sure you wish her a happy one. Happy Birthday Shea!
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