Boston College Football Camp 2011 Brochure

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Project Background: Again this fall, Boston College approached 3thought to design their annual football camp brochure. It’s a project Matt’s worked on the last 4 years and one of 3thoughts favorite and most recognizable projects. Each year we really push ourselves to do something different and step up our efforts from the year before, and with the help of the team, this year’s project was no exception.

Concept: 3thought met with the team to discuss themes for this years camp. The target audience for this brochure is high school age boys who play football, so we all knew we wanted something that spoke to your typical teenage boy. Two rough ideas (seen above) were sketched up and presented to Boston College. The first concept was entitled “Champions are built here” and included images of a factory with players being built. The second concept was the idea of video game packaging with the theme of stepping up your game throughout. The hugely popular EA sports Madden franchise would serve as the inspiration for this concept. In the end, Boston College liked both ideas, but chose to go with the video game theme.

Design: 3thought worked with Boston College to gather images of all current BC Alumni in the NFL, as well as schedules, bowls, team facts and information about the camp. The difficult part  for us was finding a way to integrate all of this content and carry it through the brochure while maintaining the feeling of a video game. We decided to make the front and back sides look like an actual package. We chose Matt Ryan who’s arguably BC’s most popular current NFL player and we also chose Ron Brace who’s a local guy playing for the local team. Important information about the camp was added to the back page similar to where you’d find information on an actual game package. For the interior we tried to make something that looked like what you might see on a screen as you were playing. The dates and schedule were worked into the interface and actual photos of players were cut our and slightly pixelated and added placed on the field at BC’s Alumni Stadium. We also created the supplemental registration/application sheets and used recent grad and last year’s Superbowl champion Jolon Dunbar as the highlighted player.

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