We’re always open to working with new event planners and our level of collaboration with event planners typically falls into one of these three categories.

  • Event planners who work with outside agencies. These event planners often have a handful of trusted designers they work with on every project and have a process for working as a team. 3thought WOULD BE an excellent fit in this scenario.
  • Event planners who have in-house designers, but rely on outsourced agencies for services they don’t do in-house. Event planners like this typically have a small team with specific talents but often need assistance with deliverables that fall outside of their comfort zone. 3thought MIGHT BE a good fit here. 
  • Event planners who have in-house designers, but are over-booked. Event planners can get extremely busy and when they do they’ll often outsource help. 3thought MIGHT BE a good fit here. 
  • Event planners who do everything in-house. If your event planner has a staff of designers, marketers, and web workers ready to roll, forcing them to work outside their system could gum up the works. 3thought WOULD NOT be a good fit here. 

If you’d like to hire 3thought to help with event branding, but you’re unsure if your event planner works with outside agencies, you usually just have to ask.

We’re always happy to have a conversation and explore new opportunities. 

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