One of the most important things to keep in mind when working with any creative professional is that there’s no certificate or license needed to call yourself a graphic designer, web designer, or event branding expert.

A few qualities we’d recommend include:

  1. Experience – It’s really tough to fake this and any agency that’s been doing this for years should be able to provide high-quality examples of their work. Events are time-sensitive projects. The right experience saves time and ultimately money.
  2. Process – A repeatable process that gets work finished on time, on budget, and delivers consistent professional results is what sets run-of-the-mill designers from excellent ones. Most people think that an established process can kill creativity, but creatives know that process is what frees them to do their best work while avoiding mistakes.
  3. Services – There are a lot of individuals who are really good at executing a single piece of a marketing puzzle. The problem with events is they require knowledge across a broad range of fields (print, web, social, email, marketing, branding) and a single person rarely does everything well. The benefit to hiring a team is that each member typically has different specialties and they’re used to working together.
  4. Chemistry – Whoever you work with should understand you, your business, your event, and your goals. And, you need to feel good about this relationship and be able to have open honest dialog.

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