The Shaw Home Custom Booth Graphics and Table Throw

After designing a handful of pieces (website, brochures & pocket folder) for The Hannah B.G. Shaw Home, the nursing home called 3thought again for help with designing a booth for trade shows and conferences.

The approach was really simple. Design a booth that looks nice and picks up on the identity we had created in previous designs. And of course, we needed to incorporate the beautiful photos of the grounds and residents to help tell the story of the Shaw Home.

We decided to go with 2 free-standing panels that would be placed behind a covered table. Each of the panels highlight a service the Shaw Home provides (Residential and Skilled Care). Combined with a custom table throw and the collateral materials we produced, you have yourself a really nice set-up.

Best of all, the whole thing was relatively inexpensive to produce, easily customizable and very portable! The table throw was kept simple so it could be used at any Shaw Home event. The panels use hardware that lets you change out the graphics, so if they ever need a new panel, they only need to design and purchase another panel and not the whole package. A good example of forward thinking.

Skyline Boston produced and delivered all of the materials and everyone thinks they did a great job (as always).

When asked about the custom panels and table throw, Shaw Home Administrator Ed Herrmann said, “We’re very happy with them”.

If your business or organization needs new, cost effective, easy to set up and break down, well designed booth graphics, you should give us a ring. We’d love to help!

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