The Shaw Home Custom Brochures & 9×12 Pocket Folder

The Hannah B.G. Shaw Home in Middleboro, MA is one of the nicest Senior Living Communities not only in Massachusetts, but in all of the country. We had worked with the Shaw Home when they redesigned their corporate website last year, and we were thrilled to help when they contacted us about rejuvenating some of their printed materials. Print design is a favorite medium of ours and all parties involved were thrilled with the custom designs we created.

It had been quite some time since they had printed updated brochures for their “Residential” and “Skilled Care” service lines, and they were in need of some major updates to copy, photography and design. The Shaw Home also desired to upgrade the packaging in which their brochures were delivered to potential residents and their families.

After a quick kick-off meeting, we decided it would be best to create two very targeted brochures. The first would be the Residential Care and the second would be for Skilled Care nursing. For the most part these brochures could be very similar in design with basic information repeating on both. The fold over page would be utilized to include unique information relevant to each service line. The brochure covers would also get unique photography to differentiate between the two services. We were able to template 2/3 of the brochure and customize smaller portions of the the brochures, and that allowed the Shaw Home to target very different audiences, have unique designs for each, and save money because each piece didn’t need a full design. Because of this careful planning we were able to save our client time and money.

The interior of the brochures included updated copy and beautiful photography provided by Nute Photography of Plymouth, MA. The brochures were printed on 120# matte text stock by Unigraphic in Woburn, MA and came out looking great.

The final piece of this puzzle was to create a delivery device for these brochures and all the paperwork and forms that goes along with them. We worked with Shaw to create a completely custom 9×12 pocket folder that was branded with the new Shaw Home look and identity, but was simple enough to stand on it’s own and look timeless so as to last a few years.

Overall the entire project went very smooth, and immediately after delivery the Shaw Home called again to upgrade their booth graphics for special events and trade shows they often attend.

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