3 thoughts on 2011: The prediction post.

It’s officially the year 2011 and that means it’s time to look into the 3thought crystal ball and make some predictions about the year to come. So far our attempts at predicting lottery numbers aren’t very good, but our predictions from last year aren’t so bad, and we’ll take a moment to recap our 3 predictions from last year before we dive into this years. Hopefully we’ll do as well as we did last year. So without further adieu the obligatory prediction post 😀

Predictions from 2010: Here’s what we said…

The Apple Tablet: We predicted the Apple tablet would “change the way people use their computers” and “might not be perfect from day 1” and I’d say we got that dead right. We also said “you’d be craving the next one this year”, and with rumors of the next iPad having a camera (or two), better audio and a thinner form factor, I’d say we’ll take 2 please.

Websites that will take off in 2010: We thought pearltrees.com and omgmetoo.com were pretty sweet sites but they didn’t quite take off the way we thought they would. Oh well… we move on.

3thought in 2010: We correctly predicted a new website, repeat projects, reconnecting with past clients, doubling the people at our Holiday party, a 3thought office and an overall better year than 2009. Put checks next to all of those and let’s move on to 2011.

Predictions for 2011:

  1. Continuing the theme from last year we’ll talk Apple first. If you know us, you know we’re big fans. We use their products daily and we enjoy a good Apple rumor. In 2010 we saw a rise in iOS devices and this year we think that trend will continue. Look for these iOS devices further integrate with your television and look for Apple to drop the classic iPod and go all touchscreen devices. On the TV front, we expect to see more than just Airplay… think Apps and games for your TV. In 2011 Apple will become an even bigger competitor with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo in the battle for your living room as consume meida and play games using your iPad, iTouch and iPhones as the controller. And speaking of phones we will finally see the iPhone on Verizon and it will be huge. Don’t expect it to come with LTE yet though. It would be truly epic if it does launch with LTE, be we think that’s a better prediction for 2012.
  2. The internet, technology, marketing, entertainment and beyond… It’s true that we’re becoming a “connected” society. Just today, we read a great post about comparing 2000 to the year 2010 and the changes in the way we consume media and stay connected are amazing. It doesn’t take a genius to see how the world is evolving, but here are a few solid predictions of what’s going to be a big deal this year. The cloud. More and more devices will ship with solid state disks and more and more media will be stored on the internet and accessed via high speed internet connections. LTE will help this move forward and should be a really big deal this year, but it wont come without a lot of controversy. Net neutrality is going to be something we hear a lot more about in 2011. Now that large companies and politicians are taking sides, expect to see this on the nightly news and not just in the tech blogs. What else… How about a dramatic rise in the use of location based apps where you get rewards like facebook places and scvngr? Social networking will remain steady, but will lose it’s “cool” factor a bit. Advertising seems to do that… Look for your advertising to get smarter this year too. Advertisers have more info about you than ever, so expect more targeted ads on your TV and mobile devices.
  3. And lastly a few predictions about our company for the year 2011. Considering the economy, 2010 was a really good year for us and we look to follow it up with an even better year this year. Look for 3thought to launch a redesigned website some time before end of year. We’ll eventually move into a new larger office somewhere on the South Shore, and we’ll hire our first full-time employee (other and ourselves). He or she will probably a full-time web developer. And our last prediction for 3thought is that we’ll diversify and increase our client base even further this year. It’s been our belief from day one that great work will always lead to more great work and more great clients.

With that said, we raise our glasses and toast to 2011. May it be a great year for all!

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