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Design Terminology Archives - 3thought

Leading: A typography term that refers to the space between lines of type. This is also known as “line spacing” too. Leading is generally measured as the distance from one baseline of type to the next. The term dates back to days of manual typesetting (ancient, we know) when strips of lead (yes, actual metal) were inserted between the rows ...
CMYK: An acronym for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black). CMYK refers to the colors of the ink used when you’re printing and is also called 4 color process printing. Mixing together these 4 primary colors to create other colors like purple, green and orange is know as subtractive color. Think of this process like mixing paints as you did as a kid in art class.
Brand: A brand is not a logo, name, typeface or color. You can’t find a brand on a business card, a website or in a brochure. A brand is the sum total of how the public feels about a particular something or someone. It’s the emotional response that people have to a product, company, or even a person.
PDF: Originally created by Adobe in 1991, PDF is short for “Portable Document Format”. A pdf is a file format that works on Windows, Mac,  Linux, IOS and Android operating systems. In other words, it’s a universal file format, so it’s great for sharing between operating systems and devices. PDFs are how designers typically send proofs to you, our clients.
Adobe: The brand of the software your designer should be using. Founded in 1982, Adobe is the maker of many professional graphic design programs.