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What is 3thought?

The short answer is we are graphic design firm with a proven track record of making our clients' lives easier. Wondering if we can help you? Give us a call – we'd love to hear from you: 508-409-6367

Logo Design Archives - 3thought

Claims Consulting Group hired 3thought to create a simple yet unique logo mark with some classic type. The idea for the logo was to make it look a bit like a water droplet hitting the water and a ripple of waves.
The owner of Fresh Meadows Farm wanted a logo to help them sell organic cranberries and represent the family's heritage as cranberry growers. 3thought delivered with classic composition and unique wood-cut details.
Phantom Sports Picks, asked us to get inspired by the lines in luxury automobiles. With a name like Phantom, they were especially fond of the ultra posh Rolls Royce Phantom. Phantom insisted on incorporating the PSP type treatment somewhere in the logo, so we determined that the first P would be inverted for symmetry. We also decided to forego the traditional vertical grille styling of the Phantom and go for ...
Some random thoughts about how all the best, simple logo concepts seem to be taken, how our brilliant idea for bingo was already taken, and how soon a great marketing idea will be ripped off.
This week we take a look at 3 design inspirations for Matt Ulvila (@ve6a5).