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What is 3thought?

The short answer is we are graphic design firm with a proven track record of making our clients' lives easier. Wondering if we can help you? Give us a call – we'd love to hear from you: 508-409-6367
Lots of exciting changes in 2013 for the 3thought team, both personally and professionally. Being designers, Matt and I always notice the little details that make up a memory. In honor of this memorable year, we thought our Christmas Tree topper could use an upgrade, and of course, no ordinary topper would do. We found some interesting options that we thought other designers, or design aficionados, might appreciate.
WordPress Training – 01 Logging into your WordPress Dashboard WordPress is pretty awesome and if you’re a client of 3thought’s, there’s a fairly good chance we’ve built you a website using WordPress as your Content Management System (what you may have heard us referring to as a “CMS” for short). In this tutorial, the first of a series designed to teach you how to use your WordPress ...

When Designers get Married…

February 3rd, 2013
2013 promises to be a very big year for the 3thought team. Our client roster continues to grow, and we are so grateful to be busy, busy, busy. In addition to all that is going on for the company, our 2 principals have decided to take their partnership to another level. That’s right, Shea and Matt are getting hitched! When any designer gets married, the invitation becomes a top level priority.
It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly four years since we launched 3thought. Time really does fly. We wanted to relaunch our site with a look back at where we’ve been as well as a look towards the future. The past: When we launched 3thought, Shea and I were agency designers. Granted, we worked for a small agency and dealt with a lot more of the day to day operations than your ...
Matt Ulvila gives us his list of top 20 apps for the iPhone and Ipad. These are the apps you didn't know you couldn't live without. What apps did he miss. Let us know what your favorite apps are.